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Safety, Quality and Compliance

The Priory Group aspires to deliver the highest quality care in mental health, learning disabilities and autism, specialist education, nursing and residential care.

The Group expects all its employees to deliver the highest standards of treatment, care, intervention and education. This is supported by a culture of being open, delivering evidenced-based practice and continuous learning and improvement. We aspire to be world class and a beacon of good practice for other health and social care organisations by being transparent about safety, quality, compliance and governance.

We will ensure that our services are safe and effectively regulated. We will measure our success by providing objective, quantitative and auditable data that measures outcomes, effectiveness and user experience to continuously drive improvement.

The primary responsibility of the department is to support the group in delivering the safety, quality and compliance agenda. Providing leadership and direction, the department is structured into three divisions: Safety, Quality and Compliance.


Priory aspires to being open, learning from any incidents which may occur, offering speedy resolution and effectively managing all risk. We do this via our incident reporting process, complaints process, risk register and risk assessment process.

We have a number of policies and procedures to support the safety agenda:

  •  Health and safety
  •  Infection Control
  •  Data protection
  •  IT Incidents

Quality and assurance

Our quality and assurance statement by Sian Wicks, Director of  Corporate Assurance and Chief Nursing Officer, is as follows:  

Priory Healthcare aspires to deliver the highest quality of care across our range of services, which include acute and complex mental healthcare, addiction treatment and low and medium secure facilities.

Our clinical teams within the Priory Group are supported by an arms-length Corporate Assurance function that includes an internal inspection team. This enables our services to be safe and effectively regulated and enhances the effectiveness of services and care provided. This approach ensures that the high levels of treatment, care, intervention and education that we expect are delivered.

Achieving positive outcomes, coupled with the experience of our service users and staff, defines the quality of our service and is at the heart of everything we do. This approach is also reflective of the national agenda for quality. 

Our priorities for driving quality within the Priory Group are to:

  •  Exceed national standards of care
  •  Improve outcomes for both our adult and adolescent service users
  •  Deliver safe and secure services
  •  Ensure a positive experience of care from all who use our services
  •  Invest in our staff through education and training

We will measure our success by providing objective, quantitative and auditable data that measures outcomes, effectiveness and user experience to continuously drive improvement.

The Priory Group fosters an open and transparent culture that promotes evidence-based practice, continuous learning and improvement. We aspire to be world class and a beacon of good practice for other health and social care providers.

We ensure our policies and procedures are up to date, are evidenced based and take into consideration regional variations i.e. Wales, Scotland Northern Ireland and England.

A copy of the Quality Account for Priory Healthcare 2012-2013, can be downloaded by clicking here


All providers of health and specialist services, education and social care have a strong responsibility to strive for excellence in the services they provide, and to identify areas for improvement. Our promise shows our commitment to delivering the highest standards of care, treatment and education for the people we support. However, we are also required by law to show how we implement our promise in practice, and to demonstrate that we can achieve consistently high standards across all our services.

Our sector is regulated by two main bodies: the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which reports on health and adult social care services in England, and Ofsted, which inspects and regulates services that care for children and young people, and those providing education for learners of all ages. There are equivalent bodies responsible for service regulation in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. These include: Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA), Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (SCSWIS), Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS), Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) and Health Inspectorate Wales (HIW).

The Priory Group has a strong track record of clinical quality which is supported by robust outcome data made available to commissioners. All Priory sites are inspected by external bodies with the CQC and Ofsted alongside other regulatory standards reporting a high level of compliance. The Group has also achieved ISO accreditation. With strict clinical governance protocols, the group ensures a consistently high quality of care.

The Priory assures that services are compliant by:

  •  An internal compliance team: Lead by the Deputy Director of Compliance
  •  Four Heads of Compliance (health, education, specialist services & mental  health)
  •  A number of inspectors each linked to one of the Priory’s service types
  •  The internal compliance team visit all the services on a regular basis using an  inspection tool they assess whether each service is compliant or non-compliant  with the regulations
  •  Action planning for improvement and securing improvements is the responsibility of operational staff

Delivering the best possible outcomes for the people who use our services is about more than simply satisfying the requirements of the regulators, it’s about leading for improvement. Our commitment to the Priory and the people who use our services is to be a market leader in innovation and best practice, and so we need to follow the latest guidance and evidence available for our sectors.

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