Leadership and management

Working in Leadership and Management

We need skilled, inspirational leaders at every site across the UK. Care homes, secure services, hospitals – in total, 290 facilities. We want each one to provide the highest standard of care, a clean, efficient environment and a safe, effective service. As one of our managers, this will be your challenge. But it’s not just us who are counting on you to do a brilliant job. There are also residents and patients, whose wellbeing and happiness depend on your expertise. Whether you’re a care home manager, a hospital director or part of the Senior Management team for one of our many services, you’ll need to expertly manage resources and uphold clear procedures. And when it comes to our teams, you’ll need to provide first-class support and lead by example. With your proven management skills, you’ll develop our colleagues into a highly trained group that’s buzzing with talent and motivation. Put your heart into the role and we’ll give you every chance to take your career forward.

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The Priory difference

Looking for scope and exciting prospects? You won’t be short of them here. At Priory, we can offer an astonishing range of roles across multiple areas. Mental health services, residential homes and hospital wards all need a capable leader to ensure they run like clockwork. As you build experience, you can take on fresh new challenges by moving between areas. There may even be the chance to manage several sites once you have the necessary skills. While this kind of progress and variety can be immensely rewarding from a career perspective, there’s also the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping vulnerable people. By ensuring that our facilities offer the best care possible, you’ll be changing lives – and that’s an unbeatable feeling.

Registered Manager Helen joined Priory 12 years ago. Helen shared what she loves about working with her close-knit team: “Working with such a long-standing team – we know each other inside out. I’m so proud to have worked with teams that have kept the homes ‘Outstanding’ over 12 years. This really is teamwork, ensuring that we are always improving.”

What we’re looking for

Tried and tested management skills are a must at Priory to lead and inspire our people. Relevant qualifications would also be helpful, especially in senior roles. But what’s really important is a sincere, thoughtful approach towards our service users. We want leaders who believe each one deserves the best, and who respect the dignity of others. We’ll expect you to listen, be kind and do everything in your power to ensure the highest standard of care. And of course, it certainly helps if you’re warm and friendly, with a good sense of humour too. If you can also bring honesty, dedication and an organised approach, you could be the perfect fit for Priory.

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