Priory’s Colleague Engagement Survey shows high levels of job satisfaction in 2024

  • 86% of Priory colleagues described themselves as motivated to do their best work in the annual Colleague Engagement Survey
  • Colleagues were pleased with career opportunities, with 85% confident that they could discuss development with their line manager
  • 93% of colleagues also said they understood the difference their work was making to the lives of people they care for

Priory’s annual Colleague Engagement Survey has revealed that 86% of staff are motivated to do their best work, thanks to easy access to training and developmental opportunities.

The survey, which is in its third  year and received its highest level of responses with more than half the organisation taking part, demonstrated high levels of satisfaction among colleagues, with 82% feeling a part of their team, and 91% knowing how to access the training they need for their role. Supportive line managers was also a high scoring theme from the survey, with 87% feeling they were respected as individuals and 90% being clear on their managers expectations.

85% of colleagues also felt they had opportunities to discuss career development with their line manager, a reflection of the organisation’s ongoing commitment to ensuring all colleagues have access to the training and qualifications they need to upskill and progress their careers.

Jayne Stutt, Chief People Officer at Priory, said: “I’m so pleased to see such positive results from this year’s Colleague Engagement Survey and an overall engagement score of 75%, which has increased 17 percentage points in the last two years.”

“One of Priory’s aims is to be an employer of choice in the sector through the provision of outstanding career and learning opportunities, and we know that we can’t achieve this without supporting a workplace culture which prioritises wellbeing and promotes openness and inclusivity. It’s fantastic to see, therefore, that 80% of our colleagues feel like they ‘fit in’ at Priory and can bring their true self to work.”

Rebekah Cresswell, Chief Executive Officer at Priory, said: “In an organisation as large as ours, it’s crucial that we check-in with colleagues to understand how we, as employers, can best support their needs. This year’s survey results were very promising, and I was particularly pleased to see a 4% growth to 81% in colleagues’ confidence in Priory’s developmental and training opportunities from 2023.”

“Perhaps most encouraging, however, was reading that 93% of colleagues understand the difference they are making to people’s lives. I’m very proud of everyone working at Priory, and colleagues should not underestimate all they do to support people to live healthier and happier lives.”

Priory conducts a Colleague Engagement Survey on an annual basis. In 2024, more than half of colleagues agreed that the survey was an effective way to improve staff experience, with 60% saying they had seen or heard positive changes implemented at Priory as a result of the 2023 survey.

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