Priory celebrates Black Leaders Awareness Day

Black Leaders Awareness Day (18 July 2023) is about celebrating Black Leaders and inspiring future leaders by sharing wisdom and knowledge from those who came before them.

To mark the day, senior managers at Priory have shared their personal experiences and spoken about what is needed to support the black leaders of the future.

Priscilla Masvipurwa, Hospital Director at Priory Kneesworth House Hospital, said: “When I became chair of Priory’s Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (EDIB) Network I posted some updates on LinkedIn. Since then, I have been inundated with messages from people within Priory and beyond, asking me for advice to further their career, how I have dealt with challenges and what it is like to be a black leader.

“Representation matters and I now understand better why it is important for people from all communities to see different types of leaders. If you can see it, you can be it. It sounds so simple but we know it’s not.”

Yvette Birchell, Head of Facilities at Priory Hospital Enfield, said: “As I reflect on my career journey, I am filled with gratitude. Overcoming barriers and challenges has required resilience, determination, and a strategic approach. I also firmly believe that fate has its own plans.

“There is an inclusive and supportive environment at Priory; which stems from a commitment to actively work on diversity and equal opportunities, inclusive policies and practices, employee support and development initiatives, employee networks and support groups, and a focus on staff well-being. By prioritising these aspects, Priory has created an environment where employees feel like they are part of a big family.”

“My top tips for future black leaders include seeking out mentors, taking up development, advocating your goals, taking on responsibilities, viewing challenges as learning experiences and prioritising self-care.”

Angela Ntiero, Professional Lead Dietitian at Priory Kneesworth House Hospital said: “I got to where I am now by not being afraid to fail, staying focused, always being keen to learn new skills, being open to new challenges and remaining positive. I have been fortunate enough to have worked in a number of different clinical specialisms at Priory and have always had great mentors along the way.

“I have faced challenges over the years, but I’m clear that things have worked out in my favour. The message is, with the right support, everything is about timing. When it is your time, it’s your time.”

You can read our full interviews with Priscilla, Yvette and Angela here.