Gill’s story: “I’m 60 and amazed how much I’ve learned”

Gill, Senior Healthcare Assistant, works on the Beech Ward at Woodbourne and has worked at Priory since June 2006. Gill is on her way to management by taking on the Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3 Apprenticeship.

Gill says: “I was inspired to start the course as I’d just been promoted to a Senior Healthcare Assistant and felt it would be good to get some people management skills and knowledge on how companies actually work across the board.

“I also feel that it’s important for Healthcare Assistants to have a contact point who knows the job they do and understands the trials and tribulations of any one working day. I hope that with guidance from myself and other seniors they will aspire to move through their Career Pathway with Priory.

“I have roughly 10 months left of the 18 month course; the main challenge has been getting my study days in. It works out at 7.5 hours a week but as I work 12-hour shifts I take 1 full day a fortnight and do my work at home online.

“It’s also great that I have an understanding manager who ensures I get my study days in and who I can talk through my course with if I get stuck with anything.

“To anyone thinking of start an apprenticeship I say do it! I am 60 years old and am amazed how much I have learned in the short time I’ve been doing the course. It really helps you develop, and in turn that can only be good for everyone around you.”