Fiorela’s story: “a future career as a leader in the care industry.”

Fiorela, Senior Support Worker at The Tides in Dorset, joined Priory 6 years ago and is in the process of completing her Level 5 Leader in Adult Care Apprenticeship.

Fiorela said: “I took the role of Acting Deputy Manager in my job and I saw that I was doing a good job and I had many people that suggested me to take this course so I can progress more.

“I have around a year left to complete it and I am looking forward to gaining more knowledge for a future career as a leader in the care industry.

“The main challenge is that I don’t have much free time for studying but I try my best to do my studies on my days off or when I have some spare time at work.

“To someone who is thinking of start an apprenticeship I would say to think it properly through and weigh the pros and cons before taking any decision as the apprenticeship takes time and you will need to be focused on it. It will help though for a better future in the industry that the person is interested in.”