From carer to assistant psychologist: Vanessa’s story

Vanessa, Assistant Psychologist at Suttons Manor Hospital tells us how she began working at Priory as a healthcare assistant (HCA) after graduating from University.

“I joined Priory back in December 2018. I applied for a HCA role straight after graduating from university (BSc Psychology), I had my interview in August and started working in December. It was my first care role and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

“It was definitely not an easy role, but what job is? Being a HCA taught me so many vital life skills and lessons, made me more empathetic and wanting to provide the absolute best care that I could.”

Vanessa’s determination and work ethic showed, and she was named as her site’s ‘Employee of the Month’ in July 2019, less than a year after becoming a HCA. Vanessa continued to develop professionally and personally in her HCA role and towards the end of 2019 she felt ready to apply for the post of Assistant Psychologist.

She was successful at interview and started her new role early in 2020. Despite having no previous experience of working in the care sector before, she learnt some important life skills, blossomed in her original role and managed to progress into a more specialist role. She feels she was lucky to get her job at Priory: “I am very grateful that I was able to do this despite not having worked in care before (apart from school work experience!)” she says. “The HCA role was the very first one that I applied for after graduating so I am very grateful that I have had so many opportunities here at Priory and that I continue to receive them. And I look forward to even more development in the future!”