From au pair to adult care: Georgie’s story

Adele, multi-site manager for Dolphin, Daisy Vale and Woodhouse Hall, explains how hiring colleagues with experience in other sectors has benefited the sites: “The colleagues that we have recruited for Woodhouse Hall have never worked in care before.

“These colleagues have shone and really enjoy the challenge. They have had a robust induction and also completed the training. Woodhouse Hall has never been in a position where we have been fully staffed and using little agency.  We are now working on recruiting to 110% to ensure we cover annual leave and training.”

In this Changing Sectors interview, we heard how Georgie, a former nanny, was able to transfer her skills and put them to good use working in Adult Care.

What role were you in before you joined Priory?

I was an au pair (Nanny abroad).

What attracted you to apply for a job at Priory?

I wanted a change in career and a challenge. I wanted to gain experience in this area. Also, a friend had told me about jobs in care. They found it extremely rewarding working in this sector as the outcome of their support is very positive.

What skills have you brought from your old profession to your new?

Bringing new ideas to the setting that I have used in my previous career. This is helpful as keeping service users stimulated is very important and they enjoy new activities.

What’s your favourite thing about your role at Priory?

To see the support that you are giving having a positive impact on service users. It helps them fulfil their everyday life as much as possible. Also to see them happy and be able to be content.

What advice would you have for someone considering a role in care?

I would say that having a positive attitude helps you massively and being strong minded and caring.