From IT to healthcare: Craig’s story

Craig, a Healthcare Assistant (HCA) at Priory Glasgow Hospital talks about his move from a non-care background to Priory.

“I always had an interest in mental health and the care industry but I never saw myself doing it or had the opportunity to get involved as I was already employed as an IT Technician. I had heard of Priory before through adverts on the radio and some relatives had mentioned it in the past in connection with some well-known individuals attending hospitals in England.

“Eventually circumstances started to change in my job and I felt like I’d had enough and wanted a change and a fresh start. I thought about getting into care but didn’t even know where to start. I eventually saw an advert for a HCA post at the Priory Hospital Glasgow on Indeed and that they offered training on the job, so I jumped at the chance! It wasn’t even 30 minutes later that my application was done and sent off!”

Craig has received training in a number of aspects of the job since he joined and has taken some courses off his own bat: “Since joining Priory I’ve received First Aid training, Basic Life Support training, Prevention Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) training, Safeguarding training and I’m always keeping up-to-date and always learning with Academy” he said. “Recently I did the Autism course and have developed a greater understanding and awareness of Autism. This will help me if a patient with Autism is admitted. I also put my name down to become a Mental Health First Aider but, sadly lockdown has prevented that from happening yet.”

Craig still enjoys his job and is glad he made the change: “Two years later I’m still here and I still love what I do. Always come in to work with a smile on my face and a positive attitude! It’s a pleasure and a privilege to help make a difference to people’s lives with this job!”