About us

With 290 facilities. 70 different medical conditions. Over 28,000 residents and patients. These figures make Priory the biggest independent healthcare provider of its kind in the UK. Together, our divisions of Healthcare and Adult Care, treat thousands of people every year, with support from our Central Services colleagues.

Our brilliant teams, which include leading experts in their fields, provide tailored programmes of care throughout Priory. Through our outstanding hospitals, care homes, wellbeing, and rehabilitation centres, we offer services for mental health-related disorders, neurological conditions, and learning difficulties, as well as complex care programmes. Thanks to an unwavering focus on safety, quality, and compliance, our reputation has grown along with our organisation. Priory has achieved ISO accreditation and upholds strict clinical governance protocols. It’s the ideal environment to learn and excel.

Ready to build a fulfilling career with the UK’s leading independent provider of mental healthcare and adult social care?

Our values

Putting people first

We put the needs of our service users above all else.

Our values

Being supportive

We support our colleagues, our service users and their families when they need us most.

Our values

Acting with integrity

We are honest, transparent and decent. We treat each other with respect.

Our values

Striving for excellence

For over 140 years, we have been trusted by our service users with their care. We take this trust seriously and constantly strive to improve the services that we provide.

Our values

Being positive

We see the best in our service users and each other, and we strive to get things done. We never give up and we learn from our mistakes.

Priory Healthcare

Over the last 50 years, Priory has grown to become a leading provider of health services, giving thousands of people better, more fulfilling lives. We work in partnership with the NHS to provide wide-ranging support including day care, short, medium and long-term secure psychiatric care – all tailored to the needs of individual patients. Through our highly regarded network of hospitals, rehabilitation centres and wellbeing centres across the UK, we care for people with mental health-related disorders, neurological conditions, learning difficulties and those requiring complex care. Addictions, eating disorders, brain injuries – our expert team works with over 70 different conditions. In every service, our colleagues are focused on quality and meeting high national standards. Thanks to their dedication, our healthcare services are nationally recognised for their clinical excellence.

Priory Adult Care

We help adults with learning disabilities, autism, Prader-Willi Syndrome, brain injuries and mental health conditions. We also support older people who require residential, nursing and dementia care in later life. Our dedicated team works in a network of care homes and Supported Living services, which are safe, welcoming, comfortable and designed with residents’ needs in mind. Their goal? To help everyone lead fulfilling lives as independently as possible, regardless of their age or condition. It’s all about understanding each person’s individual needs, tailoring our approach and encouraging self-belief. Join us and put people on the path to better health and well-being.

Central Services

Accountants, IT experts, marketing specialists: it takes all kinds of professionals to support our organisation. You’ll find them in our Central Services team, which is based in Bristol, Cheadle, Leicester, Darlington, London and remotely. Wherever they’re located, our professionals provide advice, best practice and guidance for every aspect of our operations, so we’re free to do our best for patients and home residents. For instance, if our site teams need to change a service, deal with a media crisis, produce a new policy or implement technology, their colleagues in Central Services will lead the way. Although our subject matter experts often work across Priory, they are split into the following teams: Business Development and Strategic Growth, Human Resources, IT, Legal and Compliance, People Services, Marketing and Communications, Estates, Finance, Professional and Service Development and Group Projects.